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Architects' Residence : The Den

The house of 6 parallel stone walls, designed for an extensive brief and pompous living expressed through the modesty of contemporary design language. 

The 5,800Sqm linear patch of land in Chittor, Rajasthan overlooks the Gambhiri River and the magnificent Chittor Fort acting as the Backdrop for the site amidst the green surroundings. 

The main house is raised above the ground in order to achieve the view, immersing all the services in the lower ground which then merges into landscape on either sides. 

The Main house is broken into 3 pavilions interconnected with linear picturesque corridors. The 3rd Pavilion extends its form with the help of a Skywalk allowing one to experience the nature walk and the monumental context of the site, which then terminates to the Outhouse that entertains the recreation spaces, swimming pool, guest rooms and a viewing deck and a zen garden.


The project was conceived as a calming retreat and a homestead to house anything from a small gathering, barbecues to even larger parties for the private client. 

Located in a natural area, next to the river and the historic Fort walls. We aim for minimal intervention that will allow the client to inhabit nature. We also focused on the landscape that surrounded the built in order to strengthen the relation of the architecture with the trees and the soft-scape and the natural context. The project also takes advantage of passive cooling systems and natural resources, such as capturing rainwater and wastewater for the irrigation of the garden. A seasonal pond collects all roof and site runoff for rainwater harvesting and forms the focal point of the landscape designed with native planting strategy.


It is adapted to contemporary living in sync with the changing environment.

Client's Name

Project Location

Site Area

Construction Area


Project Cost

Seema & Rajendra Mantri

Udaipur (Rajasthan)

7,500 Sqft

5,500 Sqft

December 1999

1.5 Crores

Project Details

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