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Our design process is rooted in the elements of




which shapes our projects and our

vision of Built Environment across the


Established in 1988, SRM Architects is a multi-disciplinary architectural firm. With Residential & Commercial projects at the core, our firm designs spaces across a wide spectrum of sectors from Corporate to Institutional, Hospitality to Cultural & Residential including bungalows, Villas and housing. 

“Architecture is generated by the needs of the people, with a sensitivity to the culture and climate of the place”. Our design solutions look into the past, are responsive to the present and answerable to the future. This Architectural practice leads to a fine connection between the built and the un-built aspects of our projects. Based out of Udaipur with its rich culture & heritage, we often borrow elements from traditional Architecture. Design excellence is achieved through active collaboration with clients and specialists. We Design keeping in mind the experience one would have while moving through the spaces.

We believe one can experience peaceful space, fascinating light and inexpressible peace from meaningful and calm architecture


Every space is built out of its context, social developments, human interactions and its design intent. Hence, our design principles come from a deeper understanding of the project  and its region.

Our projects are always in a constant state of evolution with the help of best suited and meaningful collaborations.

Our goal is to maximize design impact while keeping resource consumption and environmental impact to a minimum, and so we prefer to work with natural, renewable and locally available materials.


Rajendra Mantri

Principal Architect

He started his practice as the first qualified architect of the city, after completing his graduation from CCA, Chandigarh 1986. He was introduced to the nuances of design philosophy, art, architecture and work ethics by eminent Ar. Anant Raje during his period of work with him.

The principal architect Rajendra Mantri holds the Integrity, honesty, commitment, innovation, sincerity and conscience that lay the foundation stones of the practice and also enables the studio to maintain its work ethics and design standards.

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Seema Mantri

Interiors & Decor Head

The firm benefits from the Chief Interior Designer Seema Mantri . Endowed with a creative flair, after completing her masters in Home Science she obtained a Diploma in Interior Design and since then, she has been an integral part of
the firm for last 20 years.

Excellence of design and its successful execution form the core of approach.
Allied to that is a high degree of personal service coupled with commitment to respect the precious resources of
cost and time.


Design solutions range from reviving vernacular vocabulary to cutting edge technology, keeping at par
with the International Trends. The designs are guided by the fact that the built environment has a direct influence on the quality of life whether be it at workplace, home or in public realm.


Janak Lohar

Senior Draughtsman


Rohit Kumawat

3D Visualizer

Priya Di_edited.jpg

Priya Tripathi

Interior Designer

Mikky Di_edited.jpg

Mikky Vyas

Interior Designer


Durgesh Gayri

3D Visualizer


Shivam Mantri

Studio Head

Shanu Soni.jpeg

Shanu Soni



Sambhav Mehta


Vishnu Vasanth

Vishnu Vasanth



Vinit Duggad



Saksham Garg


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